Now, if I just had time to shower. . . .

I was trying to rely on handmade holiday gifts this year, as much as I could. I thought, “I’ll just think of something I can make, and then I’ll make a lot of it, and give it as gifts! It’ll be cheap and easy. I’ll make it out of things I have around the fun apartment. I wonder if I could just tape the boys together? Would that make anything?”

Eventually, I settled on body scrub and lip balm. Easy to give as gifts (to girls, anyway) and easy to make. Except the recipe called for raw brown sugar, not regular brown sugar. And it called for grapeseed or almond oil, not the olive, sesame, vegetable, mineral, or safflower oil that we already had in the cupboard. Where can you buy essential oils that doesn’t look as though you are taking the children to buy marijuana? Beeswax is not that easy to track down when you actually want to find it and containers for the lip balm were not making themselves obviously available (I ruled out using the hot wheels cars).

You see, New York has this reputation for providing anything you need at any hour anywhere, but that is somewhat exaggerated. There might be a store that has what you need, but you probably don’t know its name, and it is probably a pain to get to with a stroller. And it probably closes early. Unless you need red velvet cupcakes. Those you really can get anywhere, anytime.

At last, I tracked down all the components  (thank you Handmade Librarian!) Almost none of them were already in my apartment, except the jars I had been saving for 4 months. But I was, at least, ready. And it was before Christmas!

And you know what? Making body scrub, once you have everything assembled, is mad easy. Look! Here’s a picture:

For some reason, the photos of my kitchen look like I am cooking in a witch's cottage.

For some reason, the photos of my kitchen look like I am cooking in a witch’s cottage.

All you have to do is take one of the baby food jars you have been hoarding for months, and fill it half way with brown sugar, and half way with white sugar, then pour almond oil over it. Add 5 drops or so of essential oil that doesn’t smell like patchouli and stir with a chopstick (something we already had in the Fun Apartment!) You’re done!

Umm. . . . If you already got some body scrub from me, just pretend I put extra effort into yours. If you get some in the future, try and act surprised.

Next: Lip Balm, and how not to wreck your double boiler making it.



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