More holiday economizing

I’ve never been big on wrapping paper. It just seems weird to me that it’s paper you buy–paper whose main purpose, paper whose reason for existing is–to be thrown away. Almost immediately.

But I do like surprises, and I understand that wrapping paper is part of the surprise. And it does work better than just holding something behind your back. So usually I just go through the paper we have laying around and wrap the presents in them in a vaguely creative way. In fact, last year, I wrapped all the books I gave like snowmen and they were really cute.

Now, I *love* Christmas and am working my tail off to make sure the boys do, too. Granted, it is not too hard to convince little boys that a holiday during which they are showered in gifts is awesome, but I mean the parts of Christmas that are not the tearing open of presents. I mean the parts of Christmas that make you feel like the world is magic and all things are possible, provided you remember your mittens. So I am involving my little elves in any number of secret holiday projects so that they too might spend December with their chests fit to burst from happy excitement.

This year, we made our own wrapping paper. And it wasn’t a horrible, painty nightmare. See for yourselves:

Sponge painting

Sponge painting

You might think I stripped the boys down so they didn’t get paint on their clothes. You’d be wrong. This is how they look all the time. Ask anyone. We don’t call it the fun apartment for nothing.


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