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Is there an inspirational book about this? Never mind, I wouldn’t read it.

I’ve been doing a little freelance work lately, which has had some interesting effects here at the Fun Apartment. Most importantly, probably, has been the keeping of the wolves from the door (see below). But to me, the more interesting development has been how fulfilled it has made me feel.

Wait, can that be right? Aren’t I living the dream here? I’m home with my children. I get to spend every waking moment with my little angels, witnessing their every development, sharing their every joke, teaching them all those life lessons, preparing their every meal. I read about it everywhere: Staying at home is supposed to be fulfilling enough. I’m supposed to feel lucky.

So why does doing a little freelance work feel more fulfilling right now? It’s not even my most recent career. It’s from a career I gave up for a more fulfilling one! Doing a little ad planning and graphic design shouldn’t feel better than making a nest out of blankets and dumping all the legos into it, right?

Well, it’s giving me things that the lego dinosaur eggs can’t, like a chance to talk to grown-ups about non-kid things, a novel project to tackle that doesn’t involve wipes, a sense of being an actual person instead of an omnitool, a paycheck.

But it can’t give me moments like this one: Image

In fact, *nothing* can beat walking down the street with a little boy who has a dump truck, a balloon and a 50 gallon smile.


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May 30, 2013 · 1:03 pm