Smart people post pictures of their homes after they clean them.

One feature of living in a small apartment is that the minute you take something out, the place is a mess. Oddly, this is never mentioned in any of those articles about microapartments. Apparently, the trendy people that live in those spaces clean their homes and then sit quietly, basking in their minimalism.

Well, no worries. That sort of thing doesn’t happen here at the Fun Apartment. Kids play with toys, at least, my kids do. They play with them right in the middle of our apartment in the living room/hallway/bedroom. And it gets messy.

How messy?

This messy:

With boy, for scale.

With boy, for scale.

And this messy:

Motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle accident.

After dinner, it’s all hands on deck for clean up. It used to be a time of tears, anger, frustration, and haranguing, at least that’s what it was for me. But after a little attitude / expectation adjustment on my part, it’s improved . . . somewhat. So the Fun Apartment is (mostly) straightened and neat for our dimly-lit, post-bedtime hours, and goes to sleep unfettered by legos. And then in the morning, guess what:

Train wreck
Train wreck.


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4 responses to “Smart people post pictures of their homes after they clean them.

  1. thats my house! I usually try and pick up at night but sometimes it looks exactly the same in the morning, cause I’m just too wiped out to do it.

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