Chemistry set

In my quest for DIY presents–maybe I should say DIM, since I’m the one making them–I started making lip balm to give away. It makes a great gift because people use it every day, and (hopefully) think of me fondly. And there’s another thing. There’s a secret about lip balm:

Are you ready? Sure?

Lip balm’s secret is . . . .

It’s really easy to make. I mean really easy. Look!





Ta Da!

Between this and the bath scrubs, I began to see myself as head of a cottage beauty industry, making little kits with scrub, lip balm, soap, and those fizzy bath things (these are not yet in my repertoire, but how hard could it be, right?) and knitting little mitts for the shower. “I’m a genius! I could totally make this stuff! People love to buy crap like that!”

Then I realized yes, people do love to buy crap like that. And they already do.

It turns out most of the stuff I can make doesn’t really cost a lot to buy. Bread, body scrub, lip balm, knitted baby hats, laundry soap: Nobody goes broke buying that stuff. Lip balm, when it costs $1.49 at the drugstore. It’s kind of like how I can sort, fold and put away all my family’s laundry entirely in the dark. It’s a feat and a wonder, but not one that anyone is about to pay me to perform.

Until the day comes when I learn to make something like electric toothbrush replacement heads, I’ll console myself with the fact that it’s not about the thing. It’s about the making. And that’s the best part.


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