Even more bathtime fun

I know. I didn’t think it possible either, but for a little while, the Fun Apartment got even more fun. It was like pioneer days fun.

Remember when I suggested that every family should have their bathtub in their kitchen? Here’s yet another reason why you should call your contractor now.

See this? This is a pipe that used to be under our kitchen sink. Not anymore, however. It developed a feature less than ideal in kitchen plumbing. In any plumbing, really.


Awesome, right? Suddenly, no kitchen sink. So where we did we wash the dishes?

You guessed it.

And you know what? The man of my dreams took it in stride. And he turned up after work with a replacement pipe! So vast is his skill set that he began to replace it all by himself. And so great is his confidence in me that he assured me that this job was so easy that even I could figure it out. He even used the moment when the trap tore apart in his hands, not as a cursing moment, but a teaching one! See, I now know what a trap is! It’s not some screen thingy hidden somewhere deep in the sink–it’s just the bendy part!

Of course, the trap coming apart in rusty flaky bits did put off the repairs for a little while. But less than 24 hours and a couple meals on paper plates later, there was this moment:


Without any plumber bum, either! New pipes, new confidence, new experience washing dishes in the tub to help me appreciate the sink=win, win, and hey, sorta win!

(And yes, that light under the sink goes on when you open the cabinet door. It’s elves! Fun Apartment elves!)


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