Happy NEW New Year

I worked once in a magical place that really did Lunar New Year up right. We celebrated with a big concert and then we had the day off! To go see the dragon dance through Chinatown! It was such fun that I began to think of the other New Year’s Day (Solar New Year? You know, the January 1st one.) as just a warm up to starting the real new year: Lunar New Year. I could resolve something and try it out, but it actually didn’t count until I resolved to do it for Lunar New Year. Also, it’s a good way to remember to cut my hair. And erm clean the Fun Apartment.

So, here at the Fun Apartment, I am celebrating Lunar New Year, because the other New Year hasn’t gotten off to the best start–unless 2014 is destined to be the Year of Losing Important Stuff, and Never Finding It Again. With that as the alternative, who wouldn’t be looking forward to starting the Year of the Horse instead?

But last year, I did make a January 1st resolution. And I kept it, but I didn’t tell anybody. I wanted to try it out on me first. And my mom. (Hi Mom!) So now, I’m telling you people, because as it turns out, I’m not that interesting to myself. And I don’t think Mom is all that objective.

Here is a little conversation I had with you about it. In my head.

“You have had a blog for a year, but you didn’t tell anyone?” I’m telling you now. Besides, you didn’t miss much.

“And you never update it — like what happened to November and December?” I wonder that same thing.

“It seems to be a lifestyle blog . . . about your lifestyle.” I know. It fills me with self-loathing.

“So you have a tiny apartment. You know regular people don’t live like this, right?” I should hope not.

“Do you enjoy exploiting your children like this?” Well, they get a lot of free labor out of me, so I guess the exploiting goes both ways.

“Sheesh, this whole blog thing is lousy with half-baked theories, buried leads, grammatical errors, and rushed conclusions!” Yes. Yes it is. But if I waited until the theories were fully baked, the leads teased out, the grammar polished, and the conclusions fully um concluded, well, it would never see the light of day.

So, here it is, in some of its glory. The Fun Apartment. Blog-wise.



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