Productivity, with pictures to prove it.

We’ve really hit our production targets here at the Fun Apartment lately. Our bosses are thrilled and we are expecting a generous year-end bonus.

For instance, the kitchen staff has really stepped up. There was this:


Which turns into this, in just a few easy steps:


And then there was granola, because cereal’s expensive. Even at Trader Joe’s.


And then we had a dinner guest, so we fed him from our Russian / Irish menu:


Adoring Husband actually is Irish (well, -ish) and yet the making of the soda bread falls to me every year.


And then there was the knitting.

This was my birthday present for my newly-minted three-year-old, a pattern from this volume essential to any collection. The frill is slightly cock-eyed, which just makes the triceratops look very attentive and curious.


He has a friend, too.


What I do to justify watching TV in the evening:


What happens if I watch too much TV:


I just want it noted for the record: nobody’s just sitting around on their duff here at the Fun Apartment. Those dinosaurs don’t knit themselves, after all.

(Also, last week’s post seemed to fall into a strange interwebs limbo, so here it is, if you, poor thing, were desperate to read it.)


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