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The Fun Apartment has been getting a lot of love recently. It was a little strange and surreal to see our lifestyle splashed up on the screen. In fact, it was so surreal that I found myself going through the slideshow asking “Hmm I wonder where they keep their recycling?” before I realized that I know exactly where “they” keep their recycling, because they are us and I was looking at photos I had taken of our apartment (Answer: I moved it out of the frame when I was taking the picture. In actuality, it is right by the door and threatens to crawl out and down the stairs by itself. What a way to welcome the guests!)

It was quite thrilling to be featured on babycenter and although I feel slightly overexposed, people who read the piece seem overwhelmingly supportive, if puzzled. I admit, I was in sort of a pre-emptive flinch about the open comments section. It’s a little hard not to be over-sensitive when you invite a lot of strangers into your home without much context.

(I know, I know — I did invite them. But still: “Mudhole? Slimy? My home this is!”)

Lots of questions were raised and I thought I’d answer some of here, rather than clog up the comments section.

Predictably, the most obvious question is this: Why live there?

If I had an easy answer to that one, I probably wouldn’t have a blog. In a nutshell, we live in New York City because the Man of My Dreams is a native New Yorker, who already owned the Fun Apartment when I met him. It was a construction site, back then. We moved away from the city for a while and then came back. His family is all here and it’s important to us to be near them. My own family is a little too spread out to create a critical mass.

But why do you live in a tiny apartment? Well, we own the Fun Apartment outright and for incredibly boring financial it has to be our primary residence right now.

Do you have a table? Yes, rather a nice one. But I forgot to take a picture of it. It’s between the kitchen and the living room / alcove. We’re big into family mealtimes here.

How do you have people over? We start early. For dinner guests, we encourage an early start to cocktail hour and then after the meal is completed, one of us wrestles the boys into their jammies, while the other grown up escorts the guests to the bar around the corner.

Hey, great place! Thanks! The Man of My Dreams is an architect, and terribly handy.

Can the kids have the bedroom and you take the living room? Then you could be grown ups! We’ve thought about it, but it would either mean putting our bed away every night, or giving up having a living room. For now, it doesn’t seem to work for us.

Why not fill in the window, so it is more like a wall? Well, it does have a blind that’s not quite opaque. We bring it down on really good tv nights.

Paint the pole! Actually it’s a steam pipe, and a major heat source. My painter friend assures me that it is not to be painted.

Will you need to move eventually? YES.

I am way better at organizing / housekeeping / raising kids than you. Congratulations. However, that is not difficult.

I couldn’t do what you’re doing. Well, you’d be surprised. But, it’s ok. You don’t have to.

Hey, bloom where you’re planted, right? Right on!

There’s no way to follow your blog. Oops. I thought there was. Somehow my  mom figured out how to do it. Oh well, I fixed that now. Sorry!

And thank you, thank you, thank you for visiting the Fun Apartment!




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5 responses to “Q & A

  1. Hi TFA! I’ve fallen in love with your blog. My husband and 2 girls are moving back into our 1-bedroom UES apt. in July (from Barcelona). I’ve been spending the past couple of months trying to work out how on Earth we’re going to pull this off, and you are literally the first real inspiration I’ve found out there (and, trust me, I’ve been looking a lot)! We also own our little place and it’s best for us to live there for now, mainly for co-op rule reasons, but also for financial reasons. So bloom where we’re planted, we shall. Thanks so much for sharing these windows into your blessing of a life with us 🙂 Looking forward to reading more!

    • Welcome home! You can do it and it will be an awesome adventure. Think of the stories you’ll tell someday!
      Thanks for your kind words!

  2. Ana Cordeiro

    I loved the article on babycenter and your tiny huge apartment.

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