What’s the Fun Apartment?

It’s 480 square feet.

It’s jam-packed with fun.

And 4 people.

And a cat.

And a fish.

But the fish died.

So we got four more.

And then there were the Sea Monkeys.

And the cat has died. Long live the cat.


5 responses to “What’s the Fun Apartment?

  1. I just found you. And I think I love you. So why don’t you have way I can subscribe, or follow you on Facebook or at least Pinterest??

    • Errm. That’s embarrassing. I thought there was a way to subscribe or follow already. I may have just corrected that issue. . . .
      Not sure I’m ready for Pinterest, but I’ll begin to consider the issue. And by consider the issue, I mean that I’ll stop covering my ears and singing “Jeremiah was a bullfrog” every time my sister tries to show me something on Pinterest.
      (I think I love you back!)

  2. You are hilarious! I write a site about living small and my readers would love to hear more about your apartment and living in NYC. If you are every interesting in guest posting email me at the minimalist mom at gmail dot com. Just shared your top 10 micro apartment list on my Facebook page.

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